Tourism Story

What is the story of your destination? Within your destination are tales, fables, narrative, memories, drama, escapades, and often, the most important moments in someone’s life just waiting to be revealed. Did you catch it? That moment? Or did it slip away with their check out as they got into their car never to return?

I have had a passion for story my whole life. My other passion is for travel and there is no happier place for me than being on the ‘set’ of a gorgeous hotel. Marrying these two is a dream come true, and I look forward to working with clients in tourism and hospitality on finding their deeper narrative and helping them connect to their guests and visitors using emergent media (Transmedia). I want to find the story guests remember. The story guests and visitors tell to their grandchildren about place, about memory, about that moment that you, their host, made happen for them.


I can train you on how to uncover your story and tell it across multiple-platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and the myriad other tools that are required to meet your guest where they are in the mobile space. Training needs to fit your organiziation’s culture, and budget. I teach beginners as in people that aren’t on Facebook to executives who just need to understand the eco-system of media that their company is involved in so they can be better leaders. Tell me what you need and I’ll work with you to make it happen that supports you and doesn’t make your excel sheet cry over numbers. I can also scale to fit your organization no matter the size of your training needs through my exceptional partnerships with other tourism educators that I work with. My primary task in any training strategy is to begin with creating a story culture within your organization. I will guarantee that the results will benefit your retention, your performance, and your bottom line.


I have coached a lot of people to tell their story and find success in doing so using social media. If you are a little fearful of using social media, or just not sure how to implement across your teams, or would like to draw up a social media policy now that you are utilizing it in your workplace, I can support you one-on-one through this process. I can create customized content calendars for you, help you write your company’s story for traditional media, develop custom training guides for your employees so everyone is clear on your strategy, and best of all, I work around your busy schedule whether it’s one hour or a 15 minute ‘help’ phone call.

Story Architecture

Why do I use the word architecture? Have you noticed how much media goes into launching something these days? It is so complex that the only word to describe how story is told across media is to use ‘architecting’. You have to create a structure first, lay down plans, figure out what will work and what will not relative to brand, campaign goals, and long-term strategy for the organization. I recently won a national award for my story architecture for BC Transit which doesn’t make me an expert, but it does say I’ve got some ideas around how to architect your story and how to use Transmedia to do it.

Video Story Production

As you’ll see at the end of this page, I produce videos that tell a story. Video is critical to your narrative, but have you hired someone who understands tourism and hospitality to tell your story? The visual element can’t be missed nor can it be done poorly. If you do just one thing in your tourism and hospitality marketing, tell a great story using moving pictures. Write a script, hire sharp, talented people who ‘get’ the guest/hotel story, and be creative. This isn’t a medium that suffers poor story very well. I have an amazing team that I work with and will guarantee that your story in my hands will exceed your expectations.

Here is an example of a story I produced for the Fairmont Empress Hotel. I easily scale to suit your film story needs, from one day shoots to 5 months so please don’t hesitate to contact me for an initial conversation and quote.