Find Your Story

Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth. -Rumi

We all have a story. No matter if you are an entrepreneur or a corporation, university or non-profit,  you have struggled to bring your story to fruition but are your customers really hearing what you are saying? Have you maintained the thread of your story, your vision, or lost it along the way?

Media is changing at lightning speed and the authentic voice of your business is required in order to be successful in this new landscape. Telling your story is critical to your strategy. In fact, your strategy is your story.

Finding the right words, choosing the best media, deciding which social channels to utilize and engaging your customer in the mobile space are decisions that every business needs to make and not everyone is exactly sure where to start. Do I tweet? Blog? Shoot a video? Create an HTML newsletter? Add a fan page? Create check-in tips on Foursquare? Send smoke signals?

The answer to these questions and more are contained within your story. 

Here’s a few ways I can help you do that:

  1. I can help you with your content strategy by drilling down into the heart of the work that you do, and the character of your business, and delve into the stories that will viscerally connect you to your customer in a human, meaningful way.
  2. I can also help democratize your information sharing habits–what is that you ask? It’s either the greatest motivator for your staff or the biggest barrier to you reaching  your customer on social media platforms.
  3. I can be a corporate resource by educating internal stakeholders, training key managers, and developing policies and processes that will allow you to be proactive instead of reactive to emerging digital communication trends.
  4. I can make it simple and coach you and your team so that all you can see deliverables from your efforts and measurable ROI.
  5. I will ensure your story is captured the way you want it to be so that it reflects your business, project, or event across all media, mediums, and stands the test of time across emergent technology.

Please see Telling Your Story for more information on working with me and how I can help your business engage both staff and your community by communicating your story so it connects.