Storytelling Workshops

We offer a range of storytelling workshops that help businesses find and tell their story. 

Key workshops: Finding Your Story, Capturing Your Story, Creating Your Story, Designing Your Story and Distributing Your Story. These are half-day workshops but can be combined into a full day or over a weekend, depending on your company’s needs.

Other introductory courses include: Social Storytelling for Beginners, Destination Storytelling for Tourism and Creating and Managing Content for Your Business and Creating a Story Culture.  

Our workshops can be adapted to suit your group and specific training requirements. Minimum participant number is eight; all workshops require wi-fi, technical run through prior to presentation and participant survey completion.


“Working with Margaret creating our Social Media campaign was amazing! She helped us take our Social Media platforms from nothing to successful in a matter of months. We still have a long way to go, and a lot to learn, but I know that thanks to the incredible base of knowledge and strategy planning that we will be successful. I can’t say enough about Margaret’s abilities to be patient and kind with us while we learned, while also being firm with us regarding what we needed to learn. I hope to work with Margaret on future projects, and hope to grow our business relationships further!” -Susan Harahap, Manager, British Columbia Visitor Centre @ YVR, Vancouver International Airport

“As an instructor, Margaret was always professional. She came to class well prepared and executed her lessons impeccably. She utilized all types of interaction in the classroom: teacher-class, teacher-student, and student-student. What set Margaret apart from other instructors this year was her passion and genuine care for her students. In her workshops, she did not only teach us what we needed to know to find a job, she taught us to find out what we our passionate about, and to turn that passion into our career. “ -Workshop participant, Finding Your Story

“Excellent presentation–I came into this course being adversarial, by the end of the day I am totally excited! Thank you SO much!” -Workshop participant, Social Media Bootcamp

“Margaret is inspirational. Her passion for the topic was infectious. It has stirred ideas within–thank you!” -Workshop participant, Social Media Bootcamp

“I can say nothing more than thank you as I don’t think the English language has a word that expresses my gratitude for the sincere care, individual attention, and advice that we have gleaned from Margaret Doyle.” -Graeme Sprange, student, Royal Roads University, Finding Your Story workshop

“I came into Margaret’s Social Media Bootcamp course feeling like I had a pretty good glimpse of the basics of social media. I left with a 360 degree vista of options, tools and jumping off points to grow my social media presence both personally and professionally. Margaret opens the world of transmedia in fun, imaginative and inspiring ways and shapes the seemingly daunting virtual wilderness into a brilliant landscape of tangible possibilities. I enjoyed her course so much I’ve signed up for another! Can’t wait.” -Tess Wixted, Workshop participant

“I want to share that you did an amazing workshop and you are a fantastic presenter – you are so knowledgeable and engaging and really pushed us to realize we need to get on this sooner rather than later!” – Colleen Rehor, Manager, Employee Relations, Royal Roads University, Creating a Story Culture workshop

Please contact Margaret Doyle to discuss how we can help you and your staff with your training needs: If you quote Training2015 you will receive a 10% discount on your first workshop.