Our Story

Telling your story isn’t superfluous – it’s essential in communicating your values and executing your strategy.  

We help businesses find their core narrative so they can tell better stories that increase internal and external engagement. Not just any story but the one that will connect with your intended audience. The one that inspires, acts as a catalyst, draws an audience, maybe even changes the world. Why else would you tell a story? We believe even the smallest story should take someone on a journey that makes them feel differently with the power to change their views or behaviour.

Our Storytelling Team
Margaret Doyle

Margaret is a digital storyteller and strategist whose work with narrative forms is fueled by emergent technology but firmly anchored by formal training in traditional storytelling methodology. Margaret has developed storytelling curriculum in higher ed settings (Royal Roads University and UBC) and delivered innovative training in digital storytelling and social media for private and public sector organizations. As a consultant, Margaret has worked extensively with large organizations including the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training in British Columbia on training and campaigns to evolve the provincial visitor centres’ engagement in the digital space through cross-platform destination storytelling. Her transmedia story for BC Transit’s Transit Hero campaign won the national CUTA award in marketing in 2012 and she is a frequent speaker and trainer on using digital storytelling to transform brand experiences. While skilled in content strategy, Margaret is also adept at writing for a wide variety of formats from advertising to creative fiction, transmedia narrative and journalism.


David Leidl

As a seasoned writer/editor with more than three decades of experience in broadcast, print, online and other core formats covering a wide range of styles – business to lifestyle, finance to science – Leidl brings versatility, the odd touch of humour and a broad base of knowledge to help fix on the client’s needs and proactively create better solutions. Creating rewarding target-audience experiences underpins his work and inspires him to deliver exceptional content.

For more information on David, please visit his LinkedIn profile. 



 Let’s Talk About Your Story

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