Destination Transmedia iPhone Text Story

22:32 pm

Mr. Everett

Darling...I am not going to make it. The talks are not going well. I have to stay in bloody Shanghai. Nothing to be done. Sry.

On a break, just a few secs to msg you. I hope you’ll enjoy the hotel anyway darling? I know you were looking forward to a bit of a getaway...I AM sorry I couldn’t be there, just manic pace here.

Are you there? It’s very late, am heading to bed. G’night, txt me when you get this.

I haven’t heard from you. Why? can’t get through to Ted either. What is going on?

I’ve called your cell twice now...getting a bit...ridiculous. Call me back.

Where are you???

Allright I’m in the Shanghai airport now. I’m getting on a flight so I’m going to assume you’re fine. And Prue...I get it. You’re in a snit over the anniversary. Fair enough. See you on the other side of the ocean darling.

Hello Edward. No, I'm not at the hotel. Quite obviously. I'm taking...a little holiday. Or a rather long one actually.