Destination Transmedia

For many, Transmedia is still an unknown. In relation to tourism and hospitality even more so. In an effort to explain how Transmedia could be used for destination storytelling, I’ve created a small story told across many platforms using various media forms that call for your suspended disbelief and interaction with a virtual character in order to immerse yourself in her journey. Enjoy the trip! 



Mrs Everett

The first scene finds Mrs. Everett, trapped in a stale, cold, seemingly loveless marriage to an exceedingly wealthy businessman, desperately attempting a last attempt to save her marriage by celebrating the couple’s 20th wedding anniversary at an exclusive luxury hotel with her husband.  Inside Mrs. Everett, however, lies Prue, her true self, waiting to bloom, discover the world, and be discovered. In this scene, she finds out via text that Mr. Everett can’t make it and is staying on in Shanghai for business. In an unexpected, decisive moment, Mrs. Everett chooses to vanish from her life. Here is her story. 

Scene 1, “Escape”, interior of a limousine, rush hour, late afternoon, end of summer. 

She crossed her legs and uncrossed them. The light turned green. She heard the sound of an ambulance coming from behind them. She felt the lined leather seats below her. She thrummed her fingers anxiously on her knee. It was rush hour and they were trapped. A mirrored building beside her shone brightly and refracted urban light into her eyes.

23:22 pm

Mrs. Everett

Darling...I am not going to make it. The talks are not going well. I have to stay in bloody Shanghai. Nothing to be done. Sry.

On a break, just a few secs to msg you. I hope you’ll enjoy the hotel anyway darling? I know you were looking forward to a bit of a getaway...I AM sorry I couldn’t be there, just manic pace here.

Are you there? It’s very late, am heading to bed. G’night, txt me when you get this.

I haven’t heard from you. Why? can’t get through to Ted either. What is going on?

I’ve called your cell twice now...getting a bit...ridiculous. Call me back.

Where are you???

Allright I’m in the Shanghai airport now. I’m getting on a flight so I’m going to assume you’re fine. And Prue...I get it. You’re in a snit over the anniversary. Fair enough. See you on the other side of the ocean darling.

Hello Edward. No, I'm not at the hotel. Quite obviously. I'm taking...a little holiday. Or a rather long one actually.

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She looked down at the text and wondered where to go now?

She called up to her driver.

“I don’t want to go to the hotel Mr. Everett booked. “

A long pause hung between them.

“Yes Mrs. Everett” answered Ted, her driver and only real confidante.

She knew she wanted to go somewhere; she could see it like a mirage shimmering, hovering fluidly on the horizon, watery and unformed, a kind of liquid apparition she’d known was there all along but refused to believe in because no one else saw it.


“Yes Mrs. Everett?”

“Let’s go to that hotel I was telling you about, remember the one I told you I went to as a little girl? The one with proper light switches and service?” She pulled off her gloves and placed them one on top of another at cross angles on her lap. She smoothed her perfectly ironed skirt and crossed her ankles.

“Yes, absolutely ma’am, we’ll be there in just under 30 minutes I suspect.”

“Alright, thank you Ted.”

She had the sudden urge to toss her gloves out the window, with their perfect snaps and buttery soft leather and silky monogrammed lining; she resented everything about them.

Suddenly, she wanted her hands free.

Suddenly, she realized, she could be free.


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