Client Stories

We have the privilege of working with clients who are curious about media and technology and want to explore how it can be best used to tell their stories. Here is a select group of projects we have had the pleasure to work on.

BC Transit 

I designed a Transmedia campaign for BC Transit called Transit Hero, which was fairly ambitious and went through some seismic shifts before it was deployed but the final product was an amazing example of a crown corporation reaching out to its stakeholders, in this case, their ridership, to listen to and share their stories. The campaign story was developed around the story of the everyday hero who makes a choice to take sustainable transit. I traveled on buses in many communities and shot stories told by less-abled riders to MLA’s, city counsellors and poetry writing grandmothers. I managed the province-wide campaign through many platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and the submission of new stories in multiple formats on the Transit Hero website. I designed the wire frames for the site to include audio, video, and written stories from riders, video stories from community leaders, and worked with the graphics and web design teams to create a mobile site for riders so that they could track stories through an app as well as submit stories while in transit. The campaign fostered a new storytelling approach that BC Transit is taking toward its province-wide community and I am thrilled to see it being nurtured on their story app on Facebook. I worked closely with Anita Wasiuta, Marketing Manager, who had this to say about the experience:

“Transit Hero is a customer engagement campaign that promotes transit through the voices of our customers. As an expert in social media and storytelling, Margaret inspired us throughout the creation of our province-wide Transit Hero campaign making the implementation an educational and thought provoking experience. The campaign produced excellent results and received a CUTA national leadership award for marketing.  Thank you, Margaret!”  

-Anita Wasiuta, Marketing Manager, BC Transit

Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training, Tourism British Columbia, British Columbia Visitor Centres

I have worked since February 2012 with the British Columbia Visitor Centres on training management and staff on how to bring their visitor service and destination stories alive in the digital space. Through training, how-to guides, content calendars, manuals, and on-site training, I have worked closely with the BCVC social media teams to support their experiential learning process by employing digital storytelling to connect with visitors to BC. I developed a campaign for the centres to utilize all the training in an experiential process during their high-season when visitor engagement would be at its peak. The campaign was  called ‘We Want To Be Part of Your Travel Story’ and I created a hashtag to tag visitor stories online (#BCVCStory), IRL (in real life) story capture strategy (in-person interviews, pictures of visitor stories) and signage to promote the new digital visitor centre presence on Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare including a poster initiative that went down into Washington state to capture incoming visitor stories from the US. Additionally, a storybook app was created for each BCVC where visitors could submit their photos and stories and provide a place for the experiences while profiling the destination’s unique places to discover. Active promotion of the BC travel story in each centre during counselling sessions with visitors was also part of the campaign. Several stories had viral engagement and each centre saw higher engagement and number of followers and fans over the course of the campaign with social media teams having increased their skills and abilities to tell digital stories on multiple platforms. Don’t forget to use #BCVCStory if you are a visitor in BC and want to share your story!  

Ministry of Jobs, Tourism, and Skills Training, Tourism British Columbia, Visitor Centre Network 

I was contracted to author a social media best practices guide for the visitor service network as well as deliver a keynote on social media at their annual visitor network conference. Using destination storytelling as a foundation, both the guide and the presentation use story as an essential means of communicating through new media forms, social media, across multiple platforms.

Camosun College, Department of Visual Arts

The Visual Arts department approached me to help them bring more awareness to their story and find a way to communicate the value  to their internal and external communities. I developed a campaign called Art Is A Person which turned the focus towards the artist in order to highlight who the students were and create relationships within the community to the visual arts in a tangible way. I felt that the students and their art needed to be experienced in public spaces in order to cause a ‘disruption’ in everyday places where you wouldn’t expect art to happen. I was thrilled to bring on BC Transit as a sponsor who offered space on their buses where students portraits alongside their artwork will be featured on 15 buses from November 2012 to March 2013.  To support public campaign events, I developed a blog and twitter channel that allows the department to have some freedom to showcase their students in a way they were unable to do before. The students will be creating Art Is A Person t-shirts with unique designs on them in their screenprinting shop and video of this process along with other Art Is A Person videos and happenings can be found on their new YouTube channel. The campaign will run from November  2012 to March 2013. Please follow and support this campaign on Twitter:  @artisaperson, hashtag #artisaperson and on WordPress at If you are in the Victoria area, keep an eye out for new Art Is A Person happenings on their events page. Joseph Hoh, senior faculty member, had this to say about his experience working with me:

“It’s the best thing we’ve ever done to have you help us! Thank you, thank you so much!”

-Joseph Hugh, Faculty member, Department of Visual Arts, Camosun College

Fairmont Empress Hotel, the Kiplings Renovation Story

The Fairmont Empress was renovating their historic Kiplings restaurant space (named after frequent visitor Rudyard Kipling) and I had the opportunity to see the initial plans for that design story and immediately knew there was a great story there. The General Manager at the time, Martin Leclerc, was a great partner to have on this project and supported it during every step of production by allowing myself and my film collaborator, Bill Weaver, to shoot whenever we needed to in order to capture the story over time and interview key people for the story. The final product was a gorgeous story of the evolution of this room from ‘ugly duckling’ to its swan incarnation as the Ivy Ballroom. Here is what Martin had to say of his experience:

“Margaret is a true professional and she got involved with such dedication with the transformation of the old Kipling’s Restaurant to the Ivy Ballroom that the whole project became hers.  She is knowledgeable and passionate, and we were all very impressed at The Fairmont Empress with the delivery of the finished product; it became a formidable sales tool.  She exceeded my expectations, was on-time and on budget.”

-Martin Leclerc, General Manager, Fairmont Nanjing

Royal Roads Division of Continuing Studies, Instructor

As a facilitator and instructor for the Division of Continuing Studies and teach a variety of subjects including digital storytelling, social media for business, and social media for beginners, I had the privilege of meeting diverse range of students.  Teaching adult learners has been an incredible experience: collaborative, thought-provoking, and always engaging. Here is what one of my students had to say about the experience:

I came into Margaret’s Social Media Bootcamp course feeling like I had a pretty good glimpse of the basics of social media. I left with a 360 degree vista of options, tools and jumping off points to grow my social media presence both personally and professionally. Margaret opens the world of transmedia in fun, imaginative and inspiring ways and shapes the seemingly daunting virtual wilderness into a brilliant landscape of tangible possibilities. I enjoyed her course so much I’ve signed up for another! Can’t wait.

-Tess Wixted, workshop participant, Royal Roads University